Venue FAQ

Barn @ the LuckyFarm

Tables and chairs are included for up to 159 people. Linens are included for weddings only.
We have (20) round 5' tables (20) 8' rectangle tables 10 6' tables and (4) 4' tables.

Your scheduled time is what you booked. You can get in at the start time and need to be cleaned up by end time.

Yes, if your slotted time is 11-3 you can purchase extra time before to set up. If your time is 4-8 you can purchase extra time after. This allows us to have maximum bookings for that day. You can also purchase the entire day.

Yes, in the Kitchen there is a checklist as to what needs to be done. The biggest thing is leave it the way you found it.

As long as you can clean under the tables to get the mess cleaned up, tables and chairs can stay out. Again leave it the way you found it. Clean!

Yes we have a dumpster and no you don't need to bring your own bags or cleaning supplies.

Our kitchen has a refrigerator, Ice machine, Microwave, sink and counter space. We don't have a stove and we have a refrigerator with a freezer in the back room, extra tables and chairs.

If you want to eat you must bring your own food.

Has to be in the designated area in front of the A/C unit or in the Gravel parking lot area.

You can have alcohol as long as Insurance is provided. Must have someone to serve if other than Wine and Beer.
(no alcohol to minors)

All tables and chairs are in the back room behind the double doors.

Yes, but must put something down to  be sure to not get grease on concrete. No cooking in the grass.

No, our facility will only house one family at a time. Twins or siblings are permitted as one family.